Teamworking - Managerial Training

Teamworking is a dynamic and complex process that involves cooperation and collaboration among individuals with different skills, knowledge and roles in order to achieve common goals. 

It is an essential practice for the success of modern organizations, as it enables them to harness the potential of human resources and achieve superior results compared to operating on an individual basis.

Using the sailing metaphor for team working can be effective because it highlights the need for a common vision, proper planning, effective risk management and effective communication to achieve common goals. 

Sailing requires the team to work together harmoniously to handle weather conditions and sea currents, as well as to manage tasks on board, in order to reach the goal safely and efficiently.

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Why to attend

Sailing management is a unique and engaging experience that offers a different perspective on how to manage a team and navigate toward a desired goal. The sailing management course offers you the opportunity to test your leadership skills and work in a dynamic and challenging environment where communication and collaboration are critical to success.

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Our target

Team working is a fundamental process for the success of modern organizations and addresses all business roles, from operational employees to executives. In an organization, each team member has a specific role and unique skills to bring; however, to work effectively as a team, it is important that each of them possess certain fundamental skills.

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Our courses

In M&A, Industrial Conversions and Digital Transformation, we address topics, for example, such as resistance to change, measuring business efficiency, and implementing transformation. The sailboat metaphor simplifies the task for us.